Urbino is a renaissance town whose historic center is completely protected by perfectly conserved walls. An enjoyment for the eyes … and also for the palate!

The airfield is located at 10-minute drive from the ducal city, easily accessible by taxi (340.642.0184, Taxi Urbino), car rentals (0722-2660, Auto 3). In both cases, we advise to reach Piazzale Roma (the place of Raffaello Sanzio monument) and begin the visit on foot from the overlying Fortezza Albornoz, from which you can admire the view of this page.


And if you want to stop few days to visit the ancient land of the Montefeltro, the reign of the Dukes of Urbino, the best solution to consider is the Country House “Ca ‘Virginia”, adjacent to our airfield.

It is a restored country manor of the early 14th century, and an island of pleasure. Fine restaurant, spa-massage center, outdoor swimming pool, rooms and apartments, ten steps from the aircraft parking!


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Still doubt to visit our city? Please, see these pictures!